Yajaira M. Pirela
Artista, Roma (RM) - Lazio
Yajaira M. Pirela M. Venezuelan gets born in Caracas, daughter of diplomats starts to travel ever since a little girl. In 1977 the family moves to Europe. She turns towards the classical studies in Spain, and in Rome in 1991 she attains the title of Translator of Legal Interpretation.
In parallel she follows classes and studies of art: from ’82 to ’84 she attends l’Accademia d’Arte di Spagna (the academy of art of Spain) in Rome, from ’88 and until ’93 she attends la Scuola Romana d’Arte (the Roman school of art) and study of decorative arts and ceramic, immersing the decoration “Deco” in first and third firing painting techniques. Free from any academic figurative imposition, she identifies completely in the abstract expressionism focusing her research on the profoundness and volume of the automatism. In full control of the color already by 2000 she adheres fully in the technique of the “Tashisme” Realizing her works from the unmistakable style.

The research and dedication reaches its maturity, bringing her works to the auction listing and entering international circuits such as: Ars Value.com, The Salerom.com, arprice.com, arcadja.com auction.fr. Her works are presented in numerous private collections: in Italy, France, Norway, Germany, Ecuador, Venezuela and public collections: Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto (TN), Camera dei Deputati - Palazzo Montecitorio di Roma, Museum "LIMEN" Museo Arte Contemporanea of Vibo Valentia (VV).

By 2015 she received the recognition of an artist profession by IAA/AIAP-UNESCO.
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